The anchor promoter of the Prag Jyoti Textile Park, Industrialist Shri Hemant Vyas have been striving hard to transform the district DARANG into a mini Surat.


The idea of creating a textile park had been conceived during 2010 and saw the light of the day during 2014 when Ministry of Textiles (Government of India) had duly approved the proposal to set up a textile park in Assam.

Prag Jyoti Textile Park

Why textile park?

Assam has approximately 13 Lakhs handlooms and many artisans are engaged in production of traditional textiles....

Our Speciality

Prag Jyoti Park will have Raw material in abundant from its anchor promoter Prag Bosimi Synthetics Limited, the only polyester.....


The constructional work of the site is now in full swing.

Following activities have been initiated

Vision For Assam

Since its inception, the Textile Park was meant to serve one purpose above all else — to help the local economy, which in turn contributes to the overall growth of the textile industry. Moreover, we are also aiming to convert Assam into one of the top destinations for textile products, locally as well as internationally.


We’re fortunate to have an exceptional team that’s dedicated to the cause and committed to the values that guide us.

The board has empowered Mr. Hemant Vyas a Veteran of Textile industry to lead the team and take all appropriate decision to early completion of the project.


The Park is an excellent investment opportunity, and we encourage individuals to be a part of it and invest their money in it.

Since day 1, the Government has been of immense support to us. They’ve offered us help and guidance and empowered us to execute this monumental task with relative ease.


We have a brilliant team of contractors who have created all our magnificent buildings. The rate of construction is almost unbelievable. Our heartfelt thanks to each of the following:


At Prag Jyoti, we take our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) very seriously. We’ve always kept the interest of the local people at heart, and whatever we do is weighed against their best interests.

Faithful to the principles of CSR, self-regulation has been ingrained into our policy framework at all levels. Instead of just going the traditional way of philanthropy, we’ve whole-heartedly accepted the spirit of CSR and decided that we’ll work to further the interests of the locals. To that end, we’ve identified three key areas of functionality:


Assam is home to multiple bio-diversity hotspots. Its thriving ecosystem is a big pull for tourists from all over the country.

Indigenous Population

The pride of Assam lies in its indigenous communities. We’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that their rich traditions

Profit Sharing

Speaking of love and care, we believe in giving back to the society. Assam has accepted us with open arms,

Prag Jyoti